Sunday, December 6, 2009

Junior Candidate Fellowship

The Geological Society of London has developed a new membership level for students studying A level Geology. This is a trerrific oipportunity for you all to take a more active role in the Geological Society of London and to access a vast array of resources, maps, journals and texts that can support your learning ........ also useful for those thinking of applying to university for an Earth Sciences / Geology degree. All this for £10 ......... something else there for the Christmas list ! Details can be accessed at : as can application forms.

All talk !

The Geological Society of London has a fascinating lecture series covering many aspects of the Geology specification. The lectures by leaders in their field are aimed at a public audience but provide an insight for those with knowledge of the subject too ......... you can apply for tickets to these talks and also view them online at:

A small number of tickets are available for the next lecture on January 7th 2010 when the
Sir Peter Kent Lecture 2010 takes place and Professor Sir David King discusses: Climate Change as a Global Shifting Force.

YASS Sir, I can boogie !

Boogie you may over the Christmas break but for students completing the work for their YASS projects, Fossils and the Origins of Life the deadline for the submission of your work is looming ! Have a good break.

Something for the Christmas list?

This is the time of the year when aunts and uncles say "I just don't know what to get them. Have you any ideas?". Well maybe a jolly good geolgical read ......... here is one that might take your fancy: Supercontinent: Ten billion years in the life of our planet by Ted Nield of the Geological Society of London. The book considers the development of the theory of plate tectonics and more.
You might also consider A short History of almost everything by Bill Bryson (available in the school library which covers geological topics in an interesting and informed way or "Trilobite" by Richard Fortey of the Natural History Museum and former president of the GSL. The title rather tells you what it is about.
There are many other books that would help your studies or simply be of interest .... go on put one on your Christmas list

Monday, August 31, 2009

Rock solid results !

Congratulations to the KEGS Geologists, both AS and A Level who have achieved superb results this summer. Best wishes for the next stage of your education ........ well done.

Friday, March 6, 2009

KEGS Geologists hit the road again !

KEGS Year 12 and Y13 Geologists hit the road again to travel to Pembrokeshire for a whistle stop tour of the Pembrokeshire coast. Studying the ORS, folding and fauting of Freshwater East, the volcanics of North Pembrokeshire and the Carboniferous of Saundersfoot they will be preparing for their examination coursework. Bon Voyage!